Real 85% Meat

Bone Free

Free Range


Raw chicken ingredient in ROR

The goodness of nature perfected with science

Many raw diets have a very high bone to meat ratio, which can lead to:

ROR is made using nutritious de-boned meat, scientifically balanced with fresh vegetables, calcium and other minerals to provide your dog with all of the goodness they need.

R.O.R plate proportions

for freshness

We mix our fresh ingredients and freeze them instantly to ensure that R·O·R is completely safe for your precious dog.

The R.O.R Range

Keep your dog in their best condition with scientifically balanced raw feeding through all their lifestages.

as nature

All of our poultry is free-range, and is allowed to roam freely (even in winter).

Easy to pour
Faster to thaw

Just pour the right amount of chunks for your dog and pop it back in the freezer.

Our specially shaped nuggets defrost in just 30 minutes. Raw food blocks can take 5 times longer.

This make ROR much more hygienic to use than regular raw diets.

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R.O.R Chicken Nugget R.O.R Chicken Nugget R.O.R Chicken Nugget 30 minutes to thaw
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Natural Formations for all Life Stages

  • Puppy

    Perfectly balanced nutritional support for growing and developing puppies.

    • A smooth mix for palatability and gentle digestion for little tummies
    • Controlled slow releasing energy for support
    • Natural antioxidants to boost and support the immune system
    • Beneficial minerals such as phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium and iodine
    • Added calcium to support skeletal growth and formation in growing pups
  • Adult Dog

    Every ingredient has been specifically chosen because of its nutritional benefits for adult dogs.

    • Full of flavour and highly digestible
    • High Omega 3 and 6 for healthy skin and coat
    • Natural vitamins & antioxidants to boost and support the immune system
    • An excellent source of essential amino acids
    • Scientifically calculated calcium/phosphorous ratios for healthy bones, joints growth and support.
  • Senior Dog

    Scientifically balanced for senior dogs to provide support and optimum nutrients.

    • Highly digestible and Low in fat
    • Inulin included for blood sugar level and digestive support
    • Natural antioxidants to help support the urinary tract and the immune system
    • Scientifically calculated calcium/phosphorous ratios for full joint support
    • Super tasty and highly digestible
No Grain

No Bone

Complete Recipe
Raw Meat